Add Flair To Your Home – Use Decorative Picture Frames

Most people look at picture frames simply as a convenient way to hang pictures on the wall. However, these frames have evolved over the years to be appreciated as an art all its own.

There are various decorative frames available. You can choose to purchase them at local malls or have a custom made frame for you specifically designed for your special piece of art. For example, bright colored frames can have words such as “It’s a girl!” to enclose a picture of a brand new baby girl. Other frames can have shapes like cars or pets. If your budget will allow, you can also get styles that can reflect bygone eras with sophisticated elegance. Expensive frames can create drama and flair to your home.

Some people prefer a unified look, hanging the same style of frame in every room, while others will vary the style in each picture. What’s important is that you have to make sure that the frames will coordinate to some of the furniture in the room. If you have country or traditional furnishings, you can hang mostly wood frames. Or if you have a modern design, displaying metal frames usually works best.

It’s best to choose wisely and look at many styles of these decorative picture frames before you decide what’s best for you. There are a lot of internet sites that offer a service of browsing the pictures and comparing the appearance and price of different frames. You can even take advantage of a free feature where you can download copies of the image or art that you will frame, and you will be able to see it with the different frames around it in a wide array of style. This is very helpful especially if you are decorating or renovating your home.

Picture frames can add to your décor or room concept. In fact, some people just hang frames without pictures to provide an artistic decoration of their wall. If you will get various ornate, gilt-edged frames, in a combination of different textures of contemporary art, you can create an interesting conversation piece and accent in your room. And these frames can be inexpensive too! Sometimes you can see some unique finds in flea markets or garage sales.

Decorative picture frames date back 3,000 years ago, and was first used as a religious art. These were the heavy frames encrusted with jewels, and laden with elaborate designs. With the start of 15th century Renaissance, the wealthy merchants and aristocrats decided to commission craftsmen to create elaborate and elegantly carved frames to enclose their portraits. They used these frames to reflect their social status. Until today, the value of hand-crafted items such as picture frames continue to be appreciated and given due recognition as artistic pieces.

Today, the evolution of picture frames bring to us materials made of brass, glass, or plastic. Yet some traditional homeowners still choose the classic Baroque and Rococo for the elegance of the design.

So whatever you choose, do not forget to accentuate your home with these decorative picture frames. They are an integral part of your décor and can truly define your unique taste.

Inspired Patio Design and Decorating Ideas

Now-a-days, decorating patios has become a popular way to extend or create another room to the home. In the past, the backyards of our homes were ruled by swing sets, sandboxes, tool sheds and the family dog; but this is no longer the case. Today the patio is many times thought of as another room to the house. By decorating it, the patio can become an enjoyable retreat to read, sunbathe or entertain. If you work at home, it can be a great alternative office on a pretty day to work and enjoy Gods beautiful creation around you. Now that we agree the patio is a great place to be, let get decorating!

A good way to begin getting your thoughts lined up is to choose a theme for your patio decor such as a mountain hideaway, a botanical garden spot, or maybe a European village. Open up your imagination. Maybe think of your favorite vacation spot. After you have decided on the theme, look for patio furniture and accessories which reflect it.

After theme, the next word in your decorating vocabulary will be color. Do you have a favorite color? If so, start with it (i.e. green) and think of ways to add various forms of it throughout the decor. Also use the accent (red) from the opposite side of the color wheel to add some contrast. Flowers in hanging baskets can help here, as will knick-knacks. (Be sure your baskets and other items coordinate with the theme you have chosen.) Maybe paint one wall in the accent color.

Now that you have chosen the theme and selected the colors, begin to personalize the area to reflect your hobbies, special interests and other things that make the area yours. Are you a crafty person? If so, display your work for your personal enjoyment and so friends and neighbors you entertain will be able to see them. If you are not crafty, check out flea markets and bazaars for items of interest by people who are which reflect the chosen patio theme and/or your personality. A variety of textures will add interest to the area fabric, metal and wood; rough and smooth, solids and prints.

Don ‘t forget other cute accent items such as solar lights, flags, wind chimes, bird feeders, etc. Get the old watering can out of the shed and recycle it into a planter. Suspend it from a hook and fill it with ivy or set it on the step to show off a mass of red geraniums. The only real limitations you have are space and budget. Once you free your imagination to be creative, you will begin to discover all sorts of new ways to add special touches to this new addition to your home.